About Us

Sea Moon Store was created by the girls, for the girls. My name is Cristina and the idea of this store began some time ago from my quick sketches on the New York subway, when visiting the city few months ago. I always loved people-watching and imagining how they would look with a makeover, how they would look with an amazing skirt or the perfect top. And so, I began to draw these people, but now in completely new and different styles. In my drawings, girls were transformed from awkward teenagers into attractive women, had they only switched out their jeans for a cute pencil-skirt and a pair of pumps. It’s truly amazing how much you can change a person with merely a few pieces of fabric.

The point of this has nothing to do with fashion or the latest style trends. This is all about how your perception, posture and walk change when you put on a dress that perfectly compliments and highlights your figure, giving you that boost in confidence and self-esteem. I created this store because I no longer wanted to solely collect my sketches in some dusty folder in my desk, or just having my favorite outfits in the closet. I want to share my creations with you! I’m here to show you that you are wonderful. How do we deal with a bad mood when it’s already been three days since his last text?
Throw on some makeup and put on a perfectly fitting pair of jeans with a little sheer white tank… exactly! What do we do when the hottest party of the year starts on half an hour, but we have nothing to wear?
Give the previous sentence another read! It’s human nature to always make life harder than it should be. But in reality, everything is so much simpler. Most of the time, that little black dress comes to the rescue, complimented by a little red lipstick. And though the boys tease us, it’s exactly these things that make them lose their minds, and we all girls know it.

You can still catch me traveling or walking down the street thinking about the next collection, Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer, we all can be pretty every single day of the year.
Barcelona trends certainly change fast, but I sure hope I can keep you one step ahead ☺. Checking the fashion styles in NYC or LA, Australia, London or Paris, we can approach to every part of the world, and see what is the main thing over there so, I will bring you always the best from all over the world.